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How High Is Your Team's Digital Acumen? 

By Jesse Passafiume

Every day you are bombarded with new products and services to help you digitize. After years of working with referral based and consumer direct Mortgage Loan Officers, we have come up wth the 7 Commandments of the #digitizedmlo. These are the things we believe are most important in helping you achieve your personal goals in the market.  

Do You Know The 7 Commandments of the Digitzed MLO & Realtor? 

Our 7 commandments help focus on the specific areas that digitization can help. Completing the assesment will hi-light both your gaps and strengths. Each commandment has a list of 4 questions that help you assess where you are realtive to the top digitized producers. Download the free assesement to see how you stack up. 

1 - Clearly Define The Value You Add 

2 - Maintain A Digital Handshake That Converts

3 - Build A Volume Knob on Your Lead Platform

4 - Master Multi-Channel Customer Journeys

5 - Leave No Lead Behind

6 - Close Clean, Close On Time

7 - Manage Mortgages For Life

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." - Mark Twain

When was the last time you thought seriously about your digital footprint?

Now Is The Time To Become A #DigitizedMLO or #DigitizedRLTR!

Nextview Group is committed to helping mortgage and real estate pros digitize their businesses. Improved digital accumen helps you generate more leads, convert at a higher level, impress your referral partners and wow your clients. Take 15 minutes to see how you score! 

Happy Digitizing! 

We All Keep Score. Know Yours.


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